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Identification and Future of SEO

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Future of Seo
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Identification and Future of SEO

We have introduced several methods to increase the popularity of your website and perform SEO. Today we are sharing the expert analysis of the future about SEO. You will be able to understand the trend of SEO in future after reading this article.

Future of Seo

The importance of four factors will be less over time

  • Page rank/Domain Authority will be less important

You wonder about reading this article but it is true that more authoritative sites will not be same as today but why is it so?

Because high page rank does not mean that it should remain the same to search engine. If you are adding the low quality data then your website will be close to getting poorer by the time. Google does not gives you reward if your website is on the top and by the time it is decreasing so it means google will decrease it too. So be careful to work on it for lifetime. Don’t leave it idle without adding data.

  • Site domain age will be less important

Site domain works with page rank but it comes down by new websites in good quality in market.

If I have a swimming pool website and working on it since ten years than my value will increase by the time but if a new comer develops a new website with the same niche I have used, no matter how great the quality of the website is, google will not give the site same privilege than the old one. But google is changing its policies and working on it. It is because the business of the new comer did not exist the early days of SEO so it will not be rewarded.

  • Social signals

Many SEO players thinks that social media is giving more traffic than google. But I don’t think so, google and facebook no doubt are good competitors but google is more important than facebook. Google will never share the algorithm with its competitors so far.

  • Inbound links and backlinks

Inbound links and backlinks are the same. The older backlinks are less important when the new and updated data is uploaded on the internet. Search engine always tries to give real time to the point answer of the specific question. The backlinks that created in old time will not be as important as in present because the Google prefer the latest and sleek data.

The importance of following factors will be increase in future

Now I will tell you which factors will be more important in the future and get rewards by the google.

  • Bounce rate is very important it can give you problems
  • Time is very important so google will judge the time and best contents on your web
  • Your content must be updated and fresh
  • Your answer must be great in quality
  • Your contents must be look great in any type of screen big or small, mobile or laptop
  • Your content must be based on truth, search engine promotes the transparent content
  • Your content must be rich with videos images and text.

So today we have shared the important and less important factors of future of SEO by the time.  You may be agree or disagree with these but it is true. You must share your suggestions with us.

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