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IESCO Jr. Engineer Test 2020 Mcqs | NTS

iesco physical test
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1. Which one is not a valid MS Power Point view?
A. Normal view B. Notes Page
C. Reading view D. Slide Show
2. Who is the Federal Interior Minister of Pakistan?
A. Pervez Khattak
B. Ijaz Ahmad Shah
3. On 15 August. 1947, Quaid-e-Azam was appointed as:
A. Governor General
4. Which key is used to bring cursor to the beginning of line?
A. F1
B. Left Arrow
C. Right Arrow
5. Which command is used to correct the spellings of a word
A. Auto correct
6. Allahabad Session in 1930 was organized by which party?
A. All India Muslim League
7. How to use Clipart in word documents?
A. Insert
8. How to insert a mathematical symbol in MS Excel?
A. Insert=> Special Character (My answer)
9. Federal Minister of Parliamentary affairs?
A. Azam Khan Swati
10. How to Edit a chart in MS Excel?
A. Double click it
11. Ethics is a system of:
A. Values
12. How to open an existing Presentation in MS Power Point?
A. Press ctrl + O
13. Which desert is in Bahawalpur?
A. Cholistan
B. Tharparkar
C. Thal
D. Rajasthan
14. Which format is not a valid office document?
A. .docx
B. B. .ppt
C. C. .vob
D. D. .doc
15. Upon independence, Pakistan had how many provinces?
A. Five
16. Driving force behind Pakistan’s creation:
A. Hindu Co-existence
B. Islamic Ideology
C. Hindu Muslim unity
17. The word “Salat” is used in Holy Quran how many
A. 700
18. In the transfer function of a system, a zero exists in
mirror image of every pole in LHS half plane, then the system
A.Minimum Phase System
B. Non-minimum Phase system
C. Don’t Remember
D. Don’t Remember
19. Zeros are the complex frequencies at which a system’s
response becomes:
B. Infinity
20. Not noted, was a long statement
21. Transfer function of a system depends on
A. System Parameters only
22. If H(s) = P(s)/Q(s), Then which statement is true
A. Degree of P(s) is independent of degree of Q(s)
23. Slope of Asymptote in a 2nd Order system in an Octave is:
A. 12 dB
B. 09 dB
C. 06 dB
D. 03dB
24. Which Control System provides good performance if
offset is to be avoided?
A. P
25. For a type I system, position error arises at steady state
A. Constant acceleration input
26. The device which acts as a complete electronic circuit.
27. In a common emitter amplifier, voltage gain is 50, input
impedance is 100 ohms, output impedance is 200 ohms, what
should be the power gain?
A. 1250
B. 100
C. 50
28. Characteristics of a thyristor closely resemble that of
A. A PN junction
B. Thyraton Gas Tube
A dc shunt motor is running on rated load and speed with
rated supply voltage, if the supply voltage is halved, then the
speed of the motor becomes
A. Slightly less then the rated speed
B. Slightly more then the rated speed
C. Half of the rated speed
D. Double of the rated speed.
 One side of Square is increased by 20% and other side is
decreased by 20 %, the area of square:
A. Reduced by 20%
B. Reduced by 4%
C. Increased by 20%
 The Product of three Numbers is 136, if the ratio of first
Number and 2nd no is 2:3 and 2nd number and 3rd is 5:3 then
what is the value of 2nd number?
A. 48
B. 60
C. 72
 A motor with 10000 KVA with 0.8 lagging and reactive power
is 900 kw, find efficiency
A. 50%
B. 90%
C. 95%
D. 100%
 Brushes in Dc motor are made up of:
A. Copper
B. Graphite
C. Nickel Cadmium
 In periodic table Semiconductors belongs to group
 3×0.3×0.03×0.003×30 is equal to:
A. 0.243
B. 0.0243
C. 0.000243
D. 0.00243
 In a turbine hot steam water at inlet increase
A. Volume
B. Pressure
C. Flow Rate
 Which part of dc motor rotates
A. Commutator
B. Stator
C. Armature
 The top wire on transmission line is
A. Red
B. Green
D. Ground
 What is the effect of snow on transmission lines?
A. Skin Effect
B. Corona
C.Weight Increases
 Transmission line in an electrical system connects
A. Generating Station to Receiving station
 Skin Effect is directly proportional to
A. Diameter of Conductor
B. (Diameter of Conductor)1/2
C.(Diameter of Conductor)2/3
 Operating cost of which power station is minimum
A. Nuclear
B. Coal
C. Gas
D. Hydroelectric
 Permanence is inverse of
A. Reluctance

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