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mmigration means to move from one country to another country for permanent residence purpose. Immigration to United States refers to the immigration of non Americans to stay in US permanently.

The people who want to immigrate are called immigrants. Statistics of immigrants is increasing in US day by day. It is the result of both illegal and legal immigrants who are living in US on permanent basis. Legal immigrants are the people who have migrated to US legally and are entitled to have the same rights as US citizens excluding the right to get some benefits from government, hold any political office or vote for any political party.

Immigrants that follow the legal procedure can get American citizenship though proper channel. You must be eligible to get citizenship according to the immigration policy of America. You must live for five years in US to be qualifying for this type of visa.

Individuals who have won green cards, refugees or people who are seeking official security can be legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants enter into US illegally and begin to live here. Illegal immigrants are putting pressure on population day by day. These people can be aborted anytime if got caught by authorities.

US offer many legal ways to live in.

Family visa: Any person who is living in America having citizenship can easily sponsor blood relations. American citizens can also sponsor their spouse but getting this visa can be a little difficult because it needs some verifications.

Work visa: the people having skills that are required by America to develop its economy may be granted this immigration visa. This type of immigration visa is limited in numbers and is granted according to the required skills. Requirement for skills keep changing time to time so this category administers different and huge number of professionals time by time.

Refugee visa: very limited visas are issues in this category on the basis of politics, religion and humanity. If someone want to get this kind of visa, he/she has to proof that his/her residence in that particular country is really dangerous for him/her.

Green cared: this category offers a long stay in US for up to 10 years or more depending on the green card validity. Many people win green cards though many programs that are administered by US government. People having green card are not considered as US citizens. They only have permit to stay in America for a period of time

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