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Increase Page Loading Speed Of WordPress Website

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Speed up wordpress page
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Increase Page Loading Speed Of WordPress Website: If you are running a WordPress blog then you should know that there are many WordPress plugins that can help you to increase your website’s page loading time. I am sharing this post with you just because it is really important for search engine optimization. There are many steps in the entire process of SEO by which you can rank your keywords on google. But during the last month google has announced that they will consider the website loading speed as a ranking factor. So it is really important to keep your website loading speed high. This will increase the chances of ranking. You may get a surprised response from google. because google loves those websites which loads fast. not every one have the high speed internet on this world that they easily access a website. google has updated their algorithm.

Speed up wordpress page

In this post I am going to show you how can you easily speed up your website. following are the steps to increase the WordPress page loading speed

1. Use premium and responsive themes:

The first step you should take to boost the speed of your website is install a premium and responsive theme. Almost a;ll the premium WordPress themes have responsive layout. so make sure that your website is responsive.

2. use the following WordPress plugins to increase the speed of your WordPress website.

  • WP Fastest Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • Outoptimizer

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Theses three plugins are available on WordPress you can buy the premium versions of these three WordPress plugins. What these three plugins do is, they reduces the size of images. They minimize the java scripts an css used in your website. Int his way they can easily increase loading speed of WordPress website up to 95 points in google developer tool. you can check the loading speed of your website at

go to this link and enter your website URL. it will scan and show the loading speed. please check the speed before and after installing these three plugins. It will work 100%. please send us your feedback if you like.

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