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NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test NTS MCQS

NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test
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NESPAK Junior Engineer Electrical Test NTS MCQS 2020

1-In DC motor which loss decreases with increase in load
A)Friction and Windage Loss
B) Core
C)Brush Contact Loss
D) None of these
2. A constant current transformer should not have
A)Moveable Secondary Winding
B) High Resistance
C)Primary and Secondary Winding Surrounding Core
D) Low resistance
3. In piston maximum temperature is at:
A)Ring Set
B) Gudgeon Pin
C)Top Sides
D) Top Centre
4. P = 3000KW, d = 30km transmission line voltage will be:
a) 11KV
b) 66kV
c) 33KV
d) 132KV
5. Coal which has lowest calorific value:
a) Steam coal
b) Bituminous
c) Lignite
d) Anthracite
6.Coal from storage to the boiler istaken through ______ ?
a) Buckets
b) V-ballets
c) Trolleys
d) Manually
7.What does phase margin specify ______ ?
a) Absolute Stability
b) Relative Stability
c) Frequency response
d) None of these
8. Non-linearity caused by servomotor is due to:
a) Coulomb friction
b) Dead space
c) Saturation
d) Dissemination
9. In force-voltage analogy, Inertia is analogous to:
a) Capacitance
b) Inductance
c) Inverse of capacitance
d) Inverse of Inductance
10. Pole shoes of DC machine fastened to pole core by:
a) Welding
b) Soldering
c) Steal Clamp
d) Counter Sunk
11. Brushes on commutator are shifted from GNP to:
a) To obtain the highest generated voltage
b) Avoid sparking
c) To increase generated efficiency
d) To produce sparking
12. Admittance is reciprocal of:
a) Impedance
b) Capacitance
c) Inductance
d) Resistance
13. Power in AC is consumed by:
a) Inductor
b) Capacitor
c) Resistance
d) All
14. Negative maximum of cosine waveform is
a) 180 degree
b) 30 degree
c) 45 degree
d) 90 degree
15. RF chokes are air cored to:
a) Keep frequency low
b) Keep inductive reactance low
c) To keep frequency high
d) To keep inductive reactance high
16. Instantaneous of sinusoidal AC current at 45 degreesis called________?
a) Peak-peak
b) RMS
c) Peak current
d) Average
17. In a common base amplifier output voltage is taken from
a) Collector
b) Emitter
c) Base
d) both A & C
18. The form factor is the ratio of:
a) Avg to rms
b) Peak to rms
c) Rms to avg
d) Peak to avg
19. The process of AC to Dc conversion is called ______
B) Clipping
D) Rectification
20. A.C. servomotor resembles
(a) Two phase induction motor
(b) Three phase induction motor
(c) Direct current series motor
(d) Universal motor
21. A transfer function of a system is used to calculate which of the following?
(a) The order of the system
(b) The time constant
(c) The output for any given input
(d) The steady state gain
22. Silicon atomic number is 14, its valency is
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
23.If current and voltage are out of phase by 90 degrees thenpower is ________ ?
B) Minimum
D) None of These
24.The field last as long as the current flowing in the wire
(A) Electric field
(B) Magnetic field
C) Gravitational Field
D) None of these
25.Power transformer transforms
A) Power
B) Voltage
D) Resistance
26. If horizontal and vertical components of earth’s magnetic field are equal then the angle of dip
A- 60
B- 45
C- 90
D- 30
27. In PCM system , quantization noise depends upon
A-Number of quantization levels
B-Sampling Value
C-Index Number
D-none of the above
28. Padders are provided in Radio Receivers
A-To improve sensitivity
B-To improve Tracking
C-To fine Tunning
D-For Reducing Noise
29. Which of the following system need input information about customers’ orders, programmed
inventory control level, bank reconciliation, and cash receipts/payments?
A- Operational Level System
B- Knowledge Level
C-Management/Tactical Level
D-Strategic Level
30. A collection of structured data which can be manipulated to select/sort some or all of the data
held is called
B-Data base
31. When control unit directs ALU to perform an operation on data, the machine cycle involved in
this is,
32. In a synchronous modem, the digital to Analog converter transmits the signal to the
A-Lan Card
B-Data Cable
33. In Poisson distribution, the probability of success is close to
34. Unit of potential difference is,
A) Volt
B) Ampere
C) Ohm
D) Henry
35. Transformer oil must be free from (moisture)
36. Greatest possible amplification is achieved in (Common emitter configuration)
37. Which will enter to super heater of boiler. (Wet Steam)
38. Green function method is useful technique for (Partial Differential Equations)
39. A matrix has m rows and n column. What is the order of the matrix? (m x n)
40. Probability of defective bulb is 0.12. Total bulbs are 8000. How many defective bulbs? (960)
41. [x y] is 1×2 matrix.
42. An inductor operates at 50 V AC, 10 kHz frequency and 7.96 mA current. The value of inductor is
43. Form factor of 220 V, 50 Hz AC is (1.11)
44. Which wave does not require any physical medium for its propagation? (EMwaves)
45. For Zener regulation, we don’t want Zener current to fall below knee current because
(It will damage the physical structure of Zener diode)
46. Conductor have excess of (free electrons)
47. Which engine has highest air fuel ratio (Gas turbine)
48. A condenser condenses the steam coming out from (Turbine)
49. Germanium has breakdown voltage of (0.3V)
50. SCR Layers (Four)

General Portion: English:

1. Combustion synonym: Flammable
2. Gelid synonym: Solid (Ice like)
3. Detached synonym: Loose
4. Smash up synonym: Break up
5. Analogy:
Surgeon: Forceps :: Blacksmith: Hammer
6. The child_____ crying for three hours. (is, has, has been, have been)
7. Analogy:
Electricity: wire:: Fluid: Pipe

General Knowledge:

8. Ocean waves contains (tidal energy)
9. UN Security Council temporary members: 10
10.Capital of Iran: Tehran
11.Thailand Currency: (Bhat)
12.Largest River ( Indus river )
13.Total numbers of Bones ( 206)
14.Number of Colors in visible Light (Seven)
15.Symbol of Mercury ( Hg)
16.Total no.of planets in our solar system are, (Eight)
17.Fungi and bacteria are, (Producers, Consumers, Decomposers)


18. Which media holds more information?
C-Zip Drive
19. Which of the following acts like a chalkboard that is constantly being written and then erase,
then written on again?

20. Window Log off
A) Start Menu > Log off
B) Start Menu > All Programs>Log off
21. Open icon Folder (Double Click the Left mouse button & wait patiently)
22. Task Bar (Bottom of the Screen)
23. Which one is harmful for computer hardware, (Virus, Worm, Fire)
24. Files like sound files, pictures etc. are basically (DATA)
25. Device capable of sending and receiving a signal to allow computers to talk to other computers over
the telephone (Modem) 
26. To rename the folder, (Right click on the folder and rename it)

Compiled by: Engr.Mehran Marwat

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