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Science NTS Past Questions 2020 : Mcqs With Answers

Science NTS Past Questions 2020: Mcqs With Answers
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1- Enzymes lower the ______ energy of a chemical reaction.
A. Potential
B. Thermal
C. Kinetic
D. Free
E. Activation✔
2- In prokaryotic cells, the nuclear material is present in the:
A. Ribosomes
B. Mesosomes
C. Cytoplasm✔
D. Mitochondria
E. Nucleus
3- _______ is used as a raw material in the photosynthesis.
A. O2
B. H2O✔
D. Glucose
E. N2
4- Depletion of ozone takes place through:
A. Redical reaction✔
B. Redical and ionic reaction
C. Ionic reaction
D. Without intermediate
5- The size of heart is nearly the size of our:
A. Hand
B. Wrist
C. Head
D. Fist✔
6- Yellowish fluid in blood is called _______ .
A. Plasma✔
B. Platelets
C. Red blood cells
D. White blood cells
7- The air pollution turns rain water:
A. Alkaline
B. Base
C. Acidic✔
D. Mineral water
8- Plants use water to make _______ .
A. Leaves
B. Food✔
C. Roots
D. Oxygen
9- Which part of atom has a lot of energy?
A. Nucleus✔
B. Electron
C. Proton
D Neutron
10- The removal of carbon dioxide, urine and sweat is a process of ________ .
A. Digestion
B. Respiration✔
C. Breathing
D. Excretion
11- The color of the blood is red due to the presence of :
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Fats
C. Hemoglobin✔
D. Plasma
12- The first antibiotic was prepared from:
A. Bacteria
B. Virus
C. Fungi✔
D. Vertebrates
13- The DNA content of a mammalian cell is about _______ % of total cell weight.
A. 0.15
B. 0.25✔
C. 0.35
D. 0.45
E. 0.55
14- All living and non-living make :
A. Habitats✔
B. Community
C. Population
D. Environment
15- Vertebrates are further divided into _____ classes.
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five✔
D. Six
16- Which one of the following is the cause of tuberculosis?
A. Virus
B. Bacteria✔
C. Fungi
D. Protozoa
17- Posterior part of embryo that gives rise to root system of young plant is :
A. Endosperm
B. Testa
C. Epicotyl
D. Cotyledon
E. Radical✔
18- As compared to Amphibians, Reptiles have :
A. Rough and Scaly skin✔
B. Strong and steeper bones
C. Moist and slipper skin
D. Modifies forelimbs
E. Modifies back limbs

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