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Screen Capture in Windows

how to take screen shoot
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In many situations we need to shoot the screen or the so – called screenshot, for example, when we want to make an explanation pictures or filming a specific problem on the computer screen, so we will learn in this lesson on the simplest way to shoot the screen.

To make a screenshot, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

Go to any image editing program such as Paint or the famous program Photoshop to make Paste for the image, suppose you are using Photoshop follow these steps:

Open a new file by opening the File menu and pressing New

A dialog box will appear if you want to set the settings or leave the default settings and press OK

Now we have created a new empty file.

Open the Edit menu and press Paste to paste the image which we took by pressing the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

The image will be pasted (in this example we took a screenshot of the desktop)

Make any adjustments you want, then save the image to your computer by opening the File menu and clicking Save As

A dialog box will appear:

– Choose where to save the image.

– Select the image name.

– Select the image format and let it be JPEG

Then press Save

تصوير الشاشة

We have created a screenshot and saved it as an image on your computer.

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