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Set your Search Preferences | SEO by Blogger

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Very fabulous time for blogger users starts today. Blogger introduced a new and fantastic feature for blogger users today, That is to set your search engine preferences manually with an extremely easy customization. I was really impressed with this new feature by Blogger and i hope this new feature will definitely help every bloggers a lot. If you are wondering which feature is this?? then just step into your blogger dashboard and roll into settings tab of a particular blogger blog and there comes the storm feature with name SEARCH PREFERENCES.

Customize Search Preferences option of Blogger

Lets start with the introduction and i hope you have scrolled into this new panel inside your blog settings and  viewing various new settings combined in search preferences tab.

Lets start with the topmost stream i.e, . .


This involves in customizing description meta tag for your Blogger blog, Click on Edit and Enable it and write a short description of your blog in it and save it.
Lets move with the second customization, i.e, . .


This involve two sub options, one is Custom Page Not Found and another is Custom Redirects.
  • Custom Page Not Found::
You may have seen 404 Page Not Found message when you search for an invalid link in web, This option by blogger helps you to have a custom message of your own apart from default 404 Page Not Found Message when a visitor enters an invalid/unavailable/dead link of your Blogger Blog.
Click on edit and add a custom word of your own and save it. Post an invalid/unavailable link on your blog and view it by yourself, you will notice your custom words displayed apart from 404 error.
  • Custom Redirects:-
As you all know, redirection is nothing but redirecting your old blog to new blog address and i have already explained it in brief in my older post

So the conclusion here is You can easily create new redirections using this feature. .
Now The Final customization category is. .


This is usually recommended for webmasters and not kindly recommended for starter bloggers because the wrong customization in this category can lead search engines to not crawl or index your blog at all. This Category includes two sub categories. .

  • Custom Robots.Txt:-
The concept of this category is, it includes manual creation of robots.txt file for instructing search engines to crawl / not crawl particular categories of your blog. If you are aware of Robots.txt file, then i hope you have understood that you can create manual robots.txt file using this feature.

  • Custom Robots Header Tags:-

This can be used to instruct whether your HOMEPAGE, ARCHIVE AND SEARCH PAGES, DEFAULT FOR POSTS AND PAGES are to be indexed or not by search engines??


It is recommended that, you should select Noindex for your Archive and search pages category to avoid duplicate content penalty by Google.

  • NOTE:- Now you can add alt tag,title tag for an image on your blog easily by clicking on image > properties in post editing mode of blogger. You can even add nofollow attribute to any link on your post by using particular link property in post editing mode of blogger.

Hope You Are Updated With This New Feature of  Blogger. .Blogger Helped Us All With This Easy Customizations. .

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