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Software Developer VS Software Engineer

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Software development and software engineering are two interrelated jargon’s. A software engineer architects systems, define processes, develop technical specifications, and initiates advanced factoring while the software engineer applies engineering principles towards software development.



A software developer is an I.T expert who can code logic’s. These individuals have mastered various programming languages including .NET, JAVA, or Ruby & Rails. Software developers have learned how to make things happen by typing codes into their computer systems.



A software engineer assists the developer complete programming tasks of checklists. The engineers possess the requisite knowledge required to formulate solutions and design systems that include a combination of software’s modules that together form an entire software package. Engineers mainly see the wider picture, because, they plan and explain how the entire application will work. This process is achieved by separating the whole development project into different micro modules.

In a nutshell, software engineering is a little bit specialized, because, a software engineer can work as an engineer, and at the same time, as a developer. But a developer will only work as a coding specialist.


Degree Programs

Software engineering programs require a college degree and their corresponding curriculum only allow a few specializing options. Such degree programs are mainly focused on design principles, and often they are either bachelors or masters degrees. However, on the other hand, a software developer is flexible and can pursue various degree programs including software programming or general IT that are offered at associates or bachelor’s level.

If a student is interested in software engineering path, they have to pursue a software engineering degree. This course is a very comprehensive degree, because, students are expected to apply design principles in all stages of software development. Software engineers should possess in-depth information about working with computer systems, and they should also be team players.


Job Prospects Software Engineers VS Developers

It is common for potential employers to use the titles interchangeably. However, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the realities of the job market. Today, the job prospects for software experts are far much better for individuals possessing specialized skills, and comprehensive knowledge, compared to individuals whose knowledge is limited to individual programming tasks. According to the US Bureau of Labor statistics, it is being predicted that the increase in job opportunities for software engineers towards the year 2018 will rise by an astonishing 32%. During the same period, job prospects for software developers, is expected to decline by 3%. Besides, software engineering jobs are less likely to be outsourced to cheaper overseas destinations, this implies that engineers will always command a higher income.


Income Opportunities

The income varies according to experience and location. According to the US department of labor report of 2014, the lowest paid developer earns an average of $55,770, median paid earns $92.660 while the highest paid earns $113,540. On the other hand, the lowest paid engineer earns approximately $77,962, a median paid engineer earns $110,000 while the highest paid earns more than $140,000 per year. These figures exclude other perks such as company car, housing, medical, and offshore holiday destinations.

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