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Start Cloth Business in Just 5000 Pkr in Pakistan

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cloth business in Pakistan
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hi, my name is Hassam Sajid and i am admin of website, today article I will tell you how to start cloth business in just 5000 pkr without having any shop.

you just need to listen to yourself and made a confident decision about your work so you will easily earn much money in this cloth business.

in this article, i am mentioning a complete video that how to start and how much money you need to start.a question is arise that where to buy cheap cloth and how to sale,where to sale.

The question you thought about.

1: How Much money I need?

Ans > you need a minimum of 5000 Pkr to start.

2: Do I need a shop to sell the clothes?

Ans > No you don’t need a shop to sell clothes, you can sell at home or need a bike/bycle to sell door to door.

3: how much money I made from Clothes?

Ans > if you invest 5000 Pkr as a start then you will able to make 20 thousand+ as a profit.

4: Where to buy these clothes?

Ans > There are different locations to buy wholesale Clothes but I will recommend that if you near by Rawalpindi then Raja Bazar Makah Market is very cheap and trustable to start.

5: How many clothes I have to sell?

Ans > you have around 10-12 Clothes to that amount.

If you have any Question regarding this business comment below.

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