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Switching To The YouTube One Channel and How To Market It

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Well, the YouTube One channel is right around the corner of change for us!  For those of you that are using YouTube as a means of building links or getting traffic, then you’ve probably already heard about the change that is being made.

Video marketing is a great way to induce more traffic and build more leads, but if you’ve not yet fixed your YouTube channel, then you could be left behind!youtube one

The YouTube One channel beta started in February, giving people the option to switch over to the new design if they wanted to. In the next two weeks, whether you like it or not, your YouTube channel will be changing over to the new design.

What’s Included in The YouTube One Channel

The great part about this new change is that its active on all devices. This includes desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. No matter the device, your channel will always look professional because of the settings in the new design. So now you don’t have to worry about how your content looks, on every device, it’s going to look great!

The strongest part about the change is the fact that you can build more subscribers. If you will check out my YouTube channel, you will see a video that will play for new visitors prompting them to subscribe to your channel. This can be anything you want it to be. If you’re a video editing genius (unlike me), you can show people how professional you are, or how they can benefit by subscribing to your channel by putting a great introductory video on your page. This is called a channel trailer and it plays for everyone that comes through!

The benefit of this new design is the fact that no one else has the same looking channel. Your content is unique to you and that is important.

I know it’s hard making a change like this, but it only takes about 15 minutes to do and you’ll be glad you did in the end.

Marketing Your YouTube One Channel

As you already know, YouTube is a search engine in itself. If you’re not capitalizing on this fact, then you’re missing out on a lot of leads and sales.

With the new design, you can successfully build more sales through YouTube by using certain YouTube marketing tips that I have found quite helpful myself.

Why YouTube Marketing?

With everyone going to the new design it’s literally going to make you do better on YouTube. Since I changed, I made it a point to actually study YouTube marketing better and make more sales from this platform. Video optimization is just as serious a task as SEO for your blog posts, and if you’re halfway interested in making money online, which you probably are, you’ll understand that this change will make you finally do better for your video traffic.

My Review of YouTube Marketing Ebook

youtube one marketing160 pages of easy reading and interesting material that you’ve probably never heard of. This book will show you step by step processes on video optimization, how to’s on editing, creating content for your YouTube viewers by knowing what they want and appealing to that fact. Getting your video to the first page of the search results used to be hard right?

Not anymore…since I read this book, and I actually did the steps on YouTube as I read it, I’ve gotten a couple of high competition keywords to the first page results on YouTube very easily. You can check out the keyword “Twitter Tools” and you’ll see my video for a product that I’m an affiliate of, that get’s sales every day!

This ebook will show you in depth features of what to do to not only drive traffic to your video, but also how to build your subscriber count by showing you these neat little tricks inside the video that you can do to raise this number!

Hot words, text, and imagery are all important, which you will find out while reading this. I’m simply amazed at how well this ebook can teach you on converting traffic, building a following, etc.

You can always do better on video marketing. I know I can! With the new design, plus the help of this book, will cause you to act on one of the most powerful search engines online. Think about it. You don’t use YouTube enough because you’re not good at editing, can’t think of what to record, don’t know how to get it “searchable” on YouTube, etc.

Believe me, a lot of people think the very same thing! This ebook, while it’s not the Holy Grail of YouTube marketing, it is a positive move forward that can educate you on how to do things that you may have thought was hard, but actually turns out to be quite simple to do!

I recommend the YouTube Marketing Ebook!

Building on Change

Let’s do something different today! If you’re reading this and the YouTube One channel has already taken effect and you’re stumbling around on what to do, or you’re reading this and it hasn’t came yet, I recommend taking some time and getting acquainted with the new design of YouTube and picking up a copy of this ebook too!

If you’re not building on your YouTube marketing, and you haven’t changed to the new design yet, tell yourself that you’re doing it this weekend! Believe me, the changes are awesome and you will see a considerable difference in your subscriber count as well!

Nothing will change unless you do. Make the change today!


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