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Top 30 Widgets for Blogger

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There are plenty of useful widgets for blogger blogs. Many of them are worth adding and many of them just ruin your blog by decreasing your blog load time and causing a major delay thus annoying your blog visitors. Widgets must be choosed wisely for your blog depending on the needs of your blog. The major mistake that newbie bloggers perform is they keeps on adding large number of third party widgets that hardly decreases their blog loading time. So today i have made a list of top 30 widgets for blogger blog which would help you a lot in choosing the best needs of you.


Top 30 Widgets for Blogger

1. Previewit Watch a thumbnail live preview of the link pointed out from your blog. Thumbnails appears on mouse hover on the outbound link.
2. Feedjit Display Real time traffic data of your blog just in your blog sidebar.
3. Twitter Badge Display a twitter badge on your blog.
4. Jaxtr Allows your blog visitors to call your mobile number but your mobile number will be kept private.
5. 3Jam Allows your blog visitors to send messages to your mobile phone without knowing your number.
6. Box storage Allows your visitors to store data on box.coms storage service while staying on your blog.
7. Flixn Displays a stream directly from your webcam so your blog visitors can always see what you are up to.
8. Showmyweather A widget to Display weather stats of various countries.
9. TwentyFeet – A place to keep track of all your social stats and analytics.
10. ClockLink A widget to show off time of various regions.
11. Skype A widget that displays whether you are offline or online on Skype.
12. Feedcount – Show off the number of visitors to your blog.
13. Feedbuzz Display headlines from your Rss Feed.
14. AnswerBox – A widget that allow users to search definition of a particular word and proudly powered by
15. Timeline interested to create a Timeline?, this is what you need.
16. Polldaddy Create instant polls and expose it on your blog.
17. Plaxo Let your visitors access their address books from your site.
18. Astore Create a min store of amazon products and gets a commission when someone buys a product through it.
19. Hellobar Add a sticky and fixed official bar at the top of your blog.
20. Disqus Add an official commenting system on your blog.
21. Intensedebate – Another fully equipped commenting system for your blog.
22. LinkWithin Related posts widget for your blog.
23. Addthis Grab a beautiful social sharing widget for your blog.
24. Sharethis Grab a smooth social sharing widget for your blog.
25. 99counters Place a widget on your blog that displays complete stats of your blog visitors.
26. Kissinsights Add a beautiful widget on your blog to survey your blog visitors.
27. Livezilla Add a live chat support feature on your blog to live chat with your blog visitors.
28. Fibox A shoutbox widget for your blog  where your blog visitors can leave messages same like a  forum.
29. Blinkxlt – Embed a link to related videos directly into your blog.
30. nrelate – Another best related posts widget for blogger.


Hope these widgets for blogger blog helps you in making your blog more friendly with the user but dont use unrelated widgets on your blog. Always make sure to choose the widgets that are very familiar with your blog niche.

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