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Top 7 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons

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Top 7 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons
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Mozilla Firefox is one of the best internet browser I have ever seen and I personally like to use it. Mozilla Firefox offers many features like other good browser but now it is going down because of the advent of Google Chrome.

But still it is one of the best and most powerful internet browser. Mozilla Firefox has a huge collection of addons. So, to find the great one from them isn’t a simple task to do. By using these Mozilla Firefox addons you can make your Mozilla Firefox browser much more quicker and easier to use, which will also improve your productivity. So, let’s get started with our list of top 7 best Mozilla Firefox addons.

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1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is an very great screenshot addon that allows you to take the screenshot of your browser window or you can also select a fixed region to capture a screenshot. This addon, also allows you to annotate your captured screenshots with text and shapes.

2. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most downloaded addon on Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to block all the frustrating ads on websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and many other sites. It also has the ability to block the pop-up and banner ads. This addon is the best to get rid of all the annoying ads on websites.

3. X-Notifier

X-Notifier is an addon that checks your Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL and many other webmail services  accounts and notifies you about new mail or unread mails. This addon is very useful for all those guys who are webmail addicts.

4. Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper allows you to easily download and convert videos from many video streaming websites. This addon also allows you to download images and audio files from websites. It works with YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Videos, MySpace, iFilm, DreamHost and many other video streaming websites.

5. Stylish

Stylish is one of the best website customization addon, that allows you to apply themes on your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others. By using this addon you can easily apply, remove and manage your themes. The themes for Stylish can be downloaded from many other Stylish compatible websites.

6. DownThemAll!

DownThemAll! is the first download accelerator that is created inside of Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to download your files 4x times faster and also allows you to resume and pause your downloads at any time. The best thing about DownThemAll! is that it is completely free, fast and also easy to use.

7. Click & Clean

Click & Clean is another Mozilla Firefox addon that allows you to quickly and easily remove your browsing history, delete temporary internet files, erase download history, remove cookies, flash LSO and also remove typed URL history. This is the all in one addon that you can use to protect your computer and also free up some space. It cleans everything in just a single click.

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