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What Is Educational Administration And Management Educational Administration Definition

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What Is Educational Administration

Administration is no longer a single term but it has difference number of meaning that has been added to it. Administration particularly educational administration has been defined as educational management, organization, leadership decision making and more than it a process to manage and administer an institution. Educational administration itself can be attributed as leadership and major role playing in a team.

What is educational leadership?
Educational leadership is the quality required by the school administrator or by the person who manages an educational enterprise.

All meanings of educational administration and educational leadership go to complete a task or several tasks about the organization and make and institution capable of obtaining results.

The educational leadership means to have special skills to utilize to boost the performance of single institution or and enterprise from one level to other. The education administration also means to get your team towards specific goals set by your or senior management.

According to Kimball wiles research educational leadership is a group activity and its results are group orientated. A single person can’t build the whole infrastructure with small steps. A group of people or a group of skilled professional is required for success in education administration.

Educational Administration Definition

Organizational Communication

Communication is very important pillar in educational leadership and educational management. A good leader should be wise communicator to deliver his/her message to the team and administrator should have contact frequency of interaction with team.

Behavioral Leadership

A group of people should follow its leader. The feeling, thoughts and objects of the leader show the power of the leadership that varies from situation to situation.

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