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What is Excel? Excel Introduction

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What is excelExcel Introduction
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What is excel|Excel Introduction

What is excelExcel Introduction

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software through which you store data information Organize and Analyze. Before learning the spreadsheet or working on a spreadsheet you need to know what is the spreadsheet meaning and what works can be done by spreadsheet software. You will be surprised to know that the spreadsheet is not part of computer technology. It was needed at that time when people dealings with each other and storing data on pages and written on copies but computer software introduce it more suitable. In the spreadsheet, the word spread is related to the newspaper. It combines the two pages in such a way that it looks like a one page. Spreadsheet means presetting bookkeeping ledger format in accounting.

What is excelExcel Introduction (Bookkeeping ledger)

The page size of this ledger is double from the normal page. The calculation is done Manually in ledger it takes more time and much difficult. Computers made this kind of difficulties easier. Now a Day many computer software is available to help our different works of a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet software is related to the type of application software. Working on spreadsheet means to collect the numeric data and applying different formats. This is the basic features of the spreadsheet.
Now let’s see how the spreadsheet software developed.
In 1961 Prof.Richard Mattessich give the idea of Electronic spreadsheet software and 1978 Dan Bricklin design the interactive visible calculator. The name of this calculator was VisiCalc.That time of software has 4 columns or 20 rows that collect and manipulate the data. That invention of Dan Bricklin is upgrading time by time or many types of spreadsheet software are made.
Different types of spreadsheet software are available in markets e.g Lotus 123.
Best spreadsheet software are using with Excel spreadsheet are.
Quattro Pro
Microsoft Excel.
Which Softwares is needed for you this is your choice. All the above software complete your needs of spreadsheet.
In our Home and offices, computers are window operating computers system that’s way in some windows the excels are installed defaulted because Excel is a computer program language and work on windows operating system. When we use spreadsheet software the screen is divided into rows and columns. We see the empty boxes where we enter the data that is called cells.

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The many boxes which are seeing on your full screen that is called Worksheet and the combination of the worksheet is called spreadsheet. We can use 3 worksheet in a spreadsheet and can be added more worksheet in the spreadsheet.

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