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Why is Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website

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Facebook Fan Page important
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Facebook Fan Page important for your blog/website

We live in world of social media where Facebook, Twitter, etc play important role in our life. Same
applies for our blog as well.

Social Media Plays a vital role for promoting our blog and views. Social Media helps in going our
views viral through many channels. Few years back Facebook was just used for sharing photos and
stuff, but now its like promoting your products and stuff.

Facebook Fan page

Today we would see why facebook fan page is important for our blog/website. Top factors which are
fact to have our own facebook fan page are:


When you are creating your blog/website, you are actually building your own brand in online market.
In online world people can be attracted through online social media like Facebook. So its very
important factor to have your own branded facebook fan page

Discussion Community

People now-a-days review a product well before purchase, so when you have your facebook fan page
your consumer can discuss and post reviews on fan page so has other users can take advantages of
that. The review can be in term sometimes positive and sometimes negative. But its very much
important people do interact on that

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Effective Customer Relationship

Customer relationship is very much important for your blog reader, once you have a discussion
community you get a tool to build a relationship with your customers / reader of your blog. This way
you can increase your blog readership

Viral Promotion

Once you have better network of fans and readers on fan page, you can easily promote or post views
over facebook fan page which can have potential to go viral

SEO and Ranking

Now-a-days google also considers social traffic driving to your site, so once you have your facebook
fan page and good amount of traffic coming from social media, you also get good ranking in search

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