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Why Site Speed is important in SEO Efforts

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Do you like to wait for your turn while waiting in line for paying your utility bill? Off course NO, whether that may at ATM, the bank, airport, bus stop or pizzeria. We also get bored or become hyper that it’s taking longer than expected

So Why Site Speed is important in SEO Efforts:

Why Site speed? Because waiting for a website to load quickly is no different from waiting in line for your turn to have delicious slice of pizza. People want that pizza now and quick. But if website takes too long time to get that slice of pizza, people will surely walk out that door and find somewhere else to eat i.e. other pizza shop. Same situation is true when browsing websites online. If any site takes long time to load, users may navigate to other webs.

Significance of Site Speed in SEO Techniques:

Different Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are used by bloggers and website proprietors to improve web page ranking and make websites famous to visitors. Among all the techniques one of the main things bloggers must not forgot when doing website SEO is guaranteeing that web site has good site speed. So question is Why Site Speed is important in SEO Efforts.

Here are some benefits for efficient site speed:

Negative Impression for Website Ranking:

Why Site Speed is important in SEO Efforts? Poor site speed may negatively damage your page ranking if website pages take a shocking time to load. In mean while relevancy scores and web link metrics may over cross your competitors.

Website Poor Load Time Affects Readability:

Google page ranking algorithms includes site speed as “signals” though it weight less as the relevance of a page. Relevance of website is what pushes online users that are viewing on your page. Purpose of this is to want to know more about what your website offers to users. You can navigate to more webpages into your website. But, if website takes too much time to load, then all the hardworking you are doing for relevant content would be lost.

Improved User Experience:

Although negative effect of slow site speed to page ranking is negligible and grants no serious effect, but your web may not come up to ranking in future if you totally ignored your SEO for page speed.

Google wishes to give the best experience to online visitors by continuously fine-tuning its search engine results pages. In this case Google is awarding higher ranking to famous.

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