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Why To Make Your Online Privacy Safe ?

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When you are online you should keep this thing in mind that every time you are being followed. Every single byte of information is translated into data worth the money for different parties which are involved in data collection on the internet. Governments can’t do much to stop people who are invading your privacy. It is you who will have to take extra cautions to keep your data safe and secure and make sure that it is not going in the wrong hands.


Are you a target?

Anyone can be victim when they are online. Everything we do on the internet produces data and this is interesting for the advertising industry and also personal data vendors after amassed. Your data are being used by others as these companies like to personalizing user’s experience. This practice is also known as profiling because that is what they are. These companies can pay anything to get about their prospects. While you are on the internet, you are easily giving them your different information and for free. This information is aggregated by them and then they turn this into profits. Whether you know or don’t know. Your privacy is easily being violated by these companies.

If you are not paying for things like services, then you are not a customer, but still the product is being sold. A company that offers you with free product or service is not a philanthropic: they are gathering information that is personal to you and as much as they can. They are utilizing knowledge about your income, personal relationships, demographics, buying habits. All this to target you as a potential customer or just to sell your personal information data with the third party.

How to prevent it?

This is one of the most important questions how you are going to stop others away from your personal information. There are quite simple strategies which you can use.

  • Make sure you log out every time you are logging into your profiles
  • After each browsing session make sure you clear all the cookies
  • Every modern browser is today, having privacy setting; these are important and worth studying.
  • Use options such as incognito mode and privacy mode
  • There are different extension and add- ones designed that prevents your privacy from being invaded.

These are the few steps which you can take to save your privacy. There are several other methods which you can learn from internet about how you can secure your data online. There are many bad intensions people out there. Anyone can become a victim of cyber crime. Browsing data is not safe and internet is a huge place. You won’t even know who has done wrong to you or your family. To protect yourself and your loved ones you will have to equip you and them with data security knowledge and how to identify thefts. Also make sure that your personal computers and laptops are having good antivirus systems. These utilities can highly protect you from unfortunate events which you don’t deserve.

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