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Withdraw Payment from Fiverr to Local Pakistan Banks

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WITHDRAW your Payment from Fiverr
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WITHDRAW your Payment from Fiverr to Direct into Your Local Bank.
You can withdraw even $20. 😊
1- Earn $20. (Any Amount)
2- Withdraw to Local Bank Transfer
3- Get into Your Local Bank..
As Everyone says, You can’t withdraw less than $100 from Payoneer? But don’t worry., If you are Newbie, You want to withdraw sometime $60, $70 or even $20.. YES you can.. You can withdraw.
Follow these simple Steps:
2- Ask them to change Funding Source from USD to Your Bank. Go to Activity->Funding Source (Screenshot is Attached) When Funding Source changed.
3- It’s Done.,
Withdraw from fiverr through Bank Transfer, it will be transferred into your local bank. For me, $24 received after 47 mints..
If you don’t want to withdraw into your bank and want to save your payment in Payoneer, you can use another withdrawal option i.e Fiverr Revenue Card. It will be transferred to your payoneer.
Note: Charges per Transaction for Direct Local Bank is $3.
Please check the screenshot attached
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