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WP Socializer: Easy to Use Social Networking Plugin for WordPress

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Social Networking Plugin
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Social Networking PluginMore social networking means more buttons for our blogs.  I’m sure many of you have used a series of different tactics to have others click the share buttons.  Whether you have or haven’t, now is a good time to start and WP Socializer is a great plugin for the job.

It’s actually being used here on TMB above and below every post.  Though it has dozens upon dozens, I’ve stuck with the 3 critical ones: Facebook Like Button, Tweet Button, and Google Plus +1.  Everything else, like StumbleUpon/Digg/Reddit, are all crammed into the last icon there – “Share” – in case someone wants to use



The first thing you’ll need to do is install it and the easiest way to do that is through the Admin backend.  Select “Add New” in the Plugin section to find WP Socializer


Having done that, do a quick search for “WP Socializer” and it should be the first one that comes up.  This plugin has been reviewed by many and the overall rating is just over 4/5 stars.


Once you click install, a new section will pop up on the left-side menu in the Admin area for WP Socializer

You are free to look around and change the different settings.  If you’d like to select the same buttons I have, then you’ll go to the “Placement” and enter the code below

<div class="buttons-wrap">
        <span class="margin15 floatleft">{facebook-like}</span>
	<span class="margin15 floatleft">{retweet-bt}</span>
	<span class="margin15 floatleft">{plusone-medium}</span>
        <span class="margin15 floatleft">{addthis-bt}</span>



This is a fantastic plugin that keeps everything clean and simple.  If you use something else, share it below and let us know why it works great for you.

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